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Save money on your tuition

It's easy to do

Save money on your tuition by shopping at the stores you regularly shop at. Simply purchase gift cards to your favourite stores through your community and use the gift cards the next time you shop. It doesn't cost you any more than you normally spend.

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Saving together

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Saving on your tuition has never been easier, and it doesn't cost you extra. Sign up today to begin saving right away.

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How it works


Create a account and register it under your community. You may then place orders for any giftcards that are offered by your community. You pay face value.


Create a account and process orders. You purchase the giftcards at a discounted value and share the savings between your community and your supporter.


Sell your giftcards to our community coordinators at a discount. You choose the discount, but remember a bigger discount means more interest from the supporters.

Why choose us

We're in the cloud

Being in the cloud means that there's no software to install for anyone (well, except us). You can use your account from any internet connected computer, tablet or phone!

Easy to use

We've designed the platform to be super simple. Everything from placing orders, filling orders and recording payments is straight forward. It's almost magical ;-) but if you get stuck there are guides on this site.

We're cost effective

Sure, there's other companies out there that would love to help you out, and they probably do a good job. But we think you should keep most of your earnings and not give half of it away.

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