Build your community and help them save!

Your community can help your school and themselves save on the cost of tuition.
Using is an easy way to get your community members involved in your TRIP program.

1. Apply for a community account

Apply online for a community account. We will review your application and help you with the registration process.

2. Contact your community

Use email, newsletters, bulletins and more to get the word out to your community. Direct them to to create their supporter accounts.

3. Process the orders

Process the online orders and keep your supporters up to date. They can track the progress of the orders as your process them.

No, everything is done through your web browser. Use any internet connected computer to manage your orders and supporters.
There are 3 payment methods: Interac Online, cheque or cash.
Interac Online is secure, cheap and fast. It is the recommended way to pay.
If supporters pay by cheque or cash you will need to arrange delivery of payment.
Your supporters pay your community directly for the giftcards. does not handle money directly. If supporters pay with Interac Online thir bank will deposit funds directly into your community's bank account.

Buy online

Supporters place your orders quickly and easily online using You will be able to see your orders immediately. No more having to copy orders from emails or paper forms.

View your progress

Supporters can signin anytime and view the progress of each of their orders. They can also see how much credit towards their tuition they've accumulated.

Purchase from Amazon

Signup for the Affilate Program and your supporters can earn addtional money for your school. When they click on a link in the Shop Amazon section and purchase the item on, your school will earn a commission.